In the following you'll find...

  • Clan statistics,
  • The story how "Die Nager WG" started,
  • An english explanation of the German clan name and
  • A list of long term members.

Current clan statistics:

Clan tag: #808829Y0

August 29th, 2014

Leader: Que

Clan level: 5

Needed trophies to join: 1 000

War starts: twice a week at 7pm UTC

How it all started

I am Que, founder and leader of "Die Nager WG".

It all startet when I got a little bored and had played no smartphone games except for sudoku. The google app store recommended Clash of Clans to me whcih looked a little like The Settlers which I played alot on my PC a while ago. Download, installation and go. That was August 15th 2014.

Short after I "infected" my wife Dina with Clash of Clans and it lasted only two weeks until I founded "Die Nager WG" on Augist 29th 2014. It was just for the two of us. We both hadn't been in any other clan, we wanted our own. But it didn't take long and we found some comrades-in-arms and the clan begun to grow. First in Germany with TerraFarmer, Beehive, Hamsteron and Nagerios then to USA when wI found Noremac in a funny way. I attacked him and I think I won and he revenged himself and I think he won, too. After this I had to send him an invitation :D an he accepted. I declared the fights as job interview and invited him to grow within our clan and with the help of our reinforcements. To this time the clan chat was very nice to chat about our countries, our dogs and cats and our hobbies. We we're among us.

But I'm sure Noremac wouldn't have stayed with and wouldn't be one of our strongest (if not strongest) players now, if we hadn't moved on, grown bigger and found more and more loyal members.

Today is November 2nd 2014, We had our 2 month anniversary two days ago and are just having our 4th clan war. The first three we have won of course ;-). We're more than 30 members, were nearly 40 in the meantime and a hard core is distilling from all those coming and the selected ones staying with us. We're growing kind of a family, although we're by now spread around the world.

What does "Die Nager WG" stand for?

This was just for fun. The clan was ours so we took a funny name which was connectd to us. Dina calls me "Hase" (engl. hare/rabbit) and I call her mouse. So we founded "The rodents living community".

Our long term members (in alphabetical order)

  • Aixecutor from Germany
  • BeeHive from Germany (=Que, Patrique)
  • Cuban
  • Dina (Nadine), born 1981, from Germany
  • Edi from Austria
  • Fun_Focus from USA
  • Hamsteron from Germany
  • Junico (formerly known as Jane) from Philipines
  • Miche0328 from USA
  • Nagerios from Germany
  • Prof Ardennes from Philippines
  • Que (Patrique), born 1980 from Germany
  • Ratatöskr from Germany (=Que, Patrique)
  • Ren Ren from Philippines
  • T Man Party from Germany
  • TerraFarmer from Germany (=Que, Patrique)
  • Vermilion from Germany

Friends we've lost on the way

  • Honiclash from Germany
  • iamgenesis16 from Philipines
  • Club_Mate from Germany
  • Death!Metal (Ben), born 1989, from USA; Founder of NAGER BOOTCAMP, was a great help when it came to stretegies and tactics in base design, upgrading and when it came to war. Death!Metal, if you read this and come to think about rejoining COC, let us know, you're always welcome!
  • Billie_Jian from China
  • bradram87
  • etschi from Austria
  • Noremac from Iowa, USA
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