In the following you'll find...

  • Our basic rules
  • Our rules during war

Our basic rules

Send a greeting to all when you logon!

Always make new members feel welcome!

Don't be rude.

Do not ask for elder! Earn it!

Ask for troops as often as you want! Have an eye on received:donated ratio!!

Donate often and matching the request!

Donate troops for open requests before sending out your own one!

When requesting reinforcements send a message which troops and level you'd like to get donated!

Never ask for a troop or troop level you cannot donate in return

If you do not want to take part in a war, use the clan war participation status in your profile to tell this.
"I'm in" / 'I'm out")!!

Use both war attacks or be demoted/kicked!!!

Max out your base before upgrading your townhall!

Co leaders may promote, degrade and kick on their own decision, but following our rules!!!

Our rules during war

Attack the opponent with the same rank first!

Second attack after 12 hours or after your 2nd target has been attacked by same level member of our clan!

Before doing your second attack watch the map and speak with other war-members about some tactical approach!

No cherry picking!!

Target marked as "Recommended target" by the game is irrelevant!!

Europe UTC+1
Europe, Berlin
Mountain Time UTC -7
America, Denver
Pacific Time UTC -8
America, Los Angeles

Asia/Philippines UTC +8

Asia, Manila